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Note: This game can only be played with 2-4 Xbox 360 or Xbox One Controllers.

Havoc Hotel is a Same Screen Multiplayer Arcade Action Free-For-All. Where players battle it out to be the last one left to get to the ragin' party!

Created by Rhys Wittingslow, Shaunn Clark, Louis Nguyen, Lincoln Gardner, Krishna Shah, Ashwin Libera, Candice Smith and Nathan Valentino.


Move - Left Joystick
Jump - A Button
Double Jump - A Button (In the air)
Push - X Button (On the ground)
DiveKick - X Button (In the air)
Stun Release - A Button (Repeatedly while stunned)


Created by B2

Have fun and enjoy the ragin' party! If you enjoyed the game please leave a comment.


Havoc Hotel 56 MB

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